Flight Instructor – Instrument Instructor – Multi-Engine Instructor

CFIs are one of the most important assets of the aviation world. Although some CFIs may treat the position as just a stepping stone to an airline or corporate flying job, we understand the impact a flight instructor (for good or bad) can have on the aviation world.

There is much more to being a good flight instructor than just knowing how to fly the maneuvers and describe them at the same time. A good flight instructor is not only a good pilot, but also one who possesses great people skills, patience, and understands how to lead by example. A good flight instructor can have an impact through many “generations” of future pilots, and that legacy is what we strive to create. A good flight instructor understands the value of tools such as simulators and the WINGS program and how these can continue to enhance the safety of a pilot long after they have left the training environment.

We want to teach flight instructor candidates how to have this kind of an impact; how to fully utilize the time spent in training, how to recognize how a particular student learns, and how to creatively use all available resources to transfer knowledge and understanding to student pilots.

Flight instructors that we train are much more likely to be offered a position with us as a CFI upon completion of their training. Not only will we know that you received quality instruction, but it also serves as an opportunity to evaluate your personality and integrity.

We use our Piper Arrow or Piper Seneca aircraft for our flight instructor programs. Length of course is highly subjective, and related to pilot experience, preparedness, and background.