Our instructors are great educators.

They were carefully hand-picked based on their experience, ability to communicate effectively, and their charming personalities. Unlike time-building instructors, these experienced instructors are focused on facilitating the most productive learning experience for the student. We get comments time and time again from our customers about how much they enjoy working with our instructors.

Our Team



Jake Spaulding is the owner of Glass Cockpit Aviation! Jake always wanted to be a pilot and started his flight training in 2000. He currently holds a PPL and is looking forward to being able to share his passion for aviation with us and his family.


Operations Manager

Cindy Patterson is the Operations Manager here at Glass Cockpit Aviation. As a true Idaho native, Cindy loves spending her time enjoying all that Idaho has to offer and dreams of one day having her own airplane to play in the beautiful Idaho backcountry. You will find Cindy around the offices of Glass Cockpit Aviation as well as in the sky as she has her PPL and looks to keep adding ratings!



Kayden Reid is a Light Sport flight instructor here at Glass Cockpit Aviation. He grew up around airplanes and aviation. From that came a huge passion for all types of flying. Kayden hopes to eventually end up flying for the airlines and make a career from flying. While not in the skies, Kayden enjoys drumming, swimming, sports and more!



Mikah Harmon is an instructor at Glass Cockpit Aviation. After getting his PPL in Indiana, he moved back to the western states to continue his training and share with others the unique perspective and freedom that aviation brings to our lives. His dream is to become a missionary pilot flying in Africa and South America.



Chris has lived in Boise for over 20 years and been a pilot for longer than that.  He loves teaching everyone from new students to seasoned pilots looking for additional ratings or flight reviews.  When he’s not flying, Chris enjoys a good mountain bike ride, good BBQ, and traveling abroad.



Originally from Florida, Sam relocated to the Boise area in the fall of 2021 to be near the mountains. Her love for flying started from a young age when she got to fly in small aircraft with her dad, uncle, and grandfather, who are all private pilots. Her grandfather even built an RV-8! The first professional pilot in her family, she hopes to one day fly for the airlines. When Sam is not flying, you can find her singing and playing bass for various bands in the valley, or hitting the hiking trails.



After training in Denver Colorado, Justin started instructing in Wyoming. Originally from Chicago, he loves the west and all it has to offer. Hiking, fishing, and just enjoying the outdoors are a few of his favorite ways to spend his time when he is not flying. Justin is excited about a long career in aviation and looks forward to wherever it may take him!

Justin S


A&P and Rotax Ceritified Mechanic

Justin Silveira is a licensed A&P mechanic and certified Rotax technician here at Glass Cockpit Aviation. He grew up involved with lots of mechanical work and has a passion for anything with an engine, and decided to take that passion to the world of aviation. When he’s not working on one of his many project vehicles you can catch him hunting, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors in general.