Our ELITE iGATE is an FAA approved Advanced ATD.

We have a Garmin 430 in the iGATE! Don’t miss the opportunity for a thorough checkout and chance to learn this equipment in a comfortable and efficient training environment.

Time in the simulator can be logged as follows:

  • Log 2.5 Hrs toward the private certificate
  • Log 20 Hrs toward the instrument rating
  • Log 25 Hrs toward the ATP certificate
  • Log 50 Hrs toward the commercial certificate
  • Recent Flight Experience (maintain currency per FAR 61.57)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (Partial)

Want to save money?

Enjoy a reduced rate for aircraft rental and instruction by purchasing a block of time. Block rates are available in $1000 blocks and can be purchased online any time prior to your flight. Funds on account can be used for any aircraft, instruction, simulator, student kits, or a combination thereof.

Unlike flying clubs, flight schools do not charge sales tax or monthly dues for aircraft rental. This will save you about $100 each month, plus 6% per hour of aircraft rental.

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