Why train with us?

We have the newest, most diverse, and most advanced fleet of training/rental aircraft and simulators of any flight school in Idaho. Over 30 pilots have earned ratings through us in the past 12 months, with an extremely high pass rate. Compare us to any other school in the area, these results demonstrate the effectiveness of our training methods.

The aircraft that we regularly use for private pilot training are our Piper Archer and our Cessna 172. We encourage you to try out each one to see which plane suits you best. These aircraft have trained hundreds of pilots in Idaho to fly.

How much does it cost to get a private pilot certificate?

Many schools will show you a cost breakdown that adds up to around $5000 to $7000. That is very deceptive because it is an unrealistic amount that assumes a student can finish in the minimum hours, doesn’t include monthly dues or sign up fees, and does not include any instructor time on the ground. We like to give a more conservative estimate of $8,000 to $11,000 for the certificate. Some students learn quicker than others, and preparedness and frequency of flight lessons have a great impact on the total cost of your training. The best indicator of how much a license will cost at a particular school is to find out how much the last five or so students spent on their training.

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